Ultra-Limited Edition Hannah Golightly tshirt

from Hannah Golightly


These tshirts were designed by Hannah Golightly herself from a hand drawn self-portrait. The stencils were cut out by hand using a craft knife. They were then hand printed through this stencil in either pink or black fabric paint. They were then heat-pressed to fix three times.

They were created to coincide with Hannah Golightly's first ever headline show at the famous Trew Era Café in London.

Only seven were made. There were a few left over after the gig. Get one while you still can!

Anyone who buys one of these tshirts will gain FREE ENTRY to all Hannah Golightly's future headlining gigs when wearing the tshirt and provided that they are happy to be photographed in it for use on social media and so we know it's yours and you are not renting it out to your mates ha ha (Hannah Golightly reserves the right to remove this offer at any time, but cannot currently see herself ever doing so.)

Quality 100% cotton tshirts in really weird Asian sizing...

The fit is loose unisex style

Size M is a UK size 8 or USA size 4 or a EU 36

Size L is a UK size 10 or USA size 6 or EU 38

For a tighter or looser fit, these tshirts can work on smaller or larger sizes. Sizes here are given as a guide only.

Tshirts are handmade and grunge style. They are individually printed. Some prints are truer than others. This is what makes them special and unique. If you are looking for precision and perfection these are not the tshirts for you. These have not been printed in a shop or using a computer. These are handmade and they have flaws as part of the design.

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Hannah Golightly Chester, UK

Riot Grrrl solo artist with Imaginary Band

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